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Aluminium cleaning products


Specifically formulated for aluminium vehicles, this acidic cleaner is highly effective in the removal of heavy tarnish, oxide film and surface dirt - all in one simple application.

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Acidic cleaner for aluminium vehicles

Alubrite is a specially formulated economical aluminium cleaner and brightener for all uncoated aluminium surfaces. It is effective in removal of heavy tarnish, oxide film and surface dirt in one application. It achieves its purpose chemically and thus avoids the need for abrasives or time consuming brushing.


  • Fast-acting
  • Removes heavy oxidation
  • Brightens surfaces
  • Use on bodywork and wheels
  • Economical in use
  • Biodegradable surfactants


Dilute Alubrite with water from 5 - 10 times depending upon the condition of the surfaces to be cleaned.
Apply the diluted Alubrite solution all over the surface and brush lightly. When the bright surface is restored, rinse thoroughly with fresh water.
Alubrite is corrosive and toxic if ingested. Wear suitable protective clothing and gloves when handling.
Wash off accidental splashes to the skin at once and irrigate copiously with cold water. If pain persists, apply calcium gluconate gel and seek medical attention.

25 litres, 200 litre drums and bulk.

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet.

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